Ethan Tramel

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Family Photographer - Music TeacherTallahassee, FL


Family Photos

My name is Ethan, an artist for life and follower of Christ.My mission is to provide a family heirloom for your loved ones that will be cherished for an eternity.

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Professional photos for your family captured in stunning resolution.

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Two free prints + digital access to every photo - editing included.

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Whether local or away, I'll meet you there.

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- $70/hour shooting
- 1 free print
- Entire digital collection
Outside 50 miles from Tallahassee, incur $0.50 per mile.

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With each session you will receive 1 free print of your favorite moment.Opt for a hand-made frame with your engraved message for $35 per frame.



When I was 19, I entered law enforcement, serving in SORT, K-9 tracking, and corrections. When my daughter was born four years later, I chose to open a new door.My passion to serve is first-and-foremost what drew me to photography. Alongside being a music teacher, my walk with Christ gave me the opportunity to do just that.Self-critical and a perfectionist, today, I strive to learn and improve at every opportunity, and to give each of my clients more than I thought I was capable of.

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